The Ultimate List of GDPR Resources: 60+ Guides, Tools & Checklists

This is the official list of GDPR resources for my Facebook group GDPR for Bloggers & Online Entrepreneurs containing official announcements, law texts, news, guides, checklists, and tools all around the GDPR.

Link suggestions are always welcome and highly encouraged!

Disclaimer: I am not a attorney or privacy expert, just a guy trying to make sense of things. This legal information is not the same as legal advice, where an attorney applies the law to your specific circumstances, so I insist that you consult an attorney if you’d like advice on your interpretation of this information or its accuracy. In a nutshell, you may not rely on this paper as legal advice, nor as a recommendation of any particular legal understanding.


EU-US Privacy Shield

Facebook groups

GDPR for bloggers

The GDPR applies to bloggers as well. Here you can find some useful guides and blog posts on how to make your blog GDPR compliant:


Newsletter & Email Marketing

Social Media


Here you can find useful guides and news all around making WordPress GDPR-compliant:

Useful tools

These useful tools help you check what and where personal data may be processed on your website:

  • Ghostery (Browser plugin to check websites for tracking technologies)
  • BuiltWith (Online tool to check websites for tracking technologies)
  • Chrome DevTools (Built-in browser tool to check websites for tracking technologies, third-requestes, cookies etc.)
  • Webbkoll (Awesome online toolto check websites for tracking technologies, third-requestes, cookies, safe encryption and safe HTTP headers)

Useful plugins

The following plugins can help you make your WordPress blog or website compliant to the GDPR (and of course are GDPR compliant themselves).

  • Autoptimize (removes Google Fonts and Emojis)
  • Borlabs Cookie (awesome plugin to integrate an opt-in for cookies, e. g. for Google Analytics, AdSense, Facebook Pixel or Piwik. What’s more, it offers an option to automatically block content from YouTube, Vimeo, Google Maps, and other iframe content and load it after clicking – highly recommended!)
  • Clearfy (deactivates WordPress functions to enhance privacy, security and performance, e. g. emojis, embeds, Rest API, Gravatars – only recommended for advanced users!)
  • Cookie Notice for GDPR (customizable cookie notice with optional opt-in)
  • Disable Embeds von LittleBizzy (deactivates embeds, through which personal data may be processes by YouTube, Twitter etc.)
  • Disable Emojis (removes a fallback script to remove emojis in older browsers, which is loaded via an external CDN)
  • Extra Privacy for Elementor (adds a two-click solution for Google Maps and Videos to the Elementor Page Builder)
  • Google Analytics Opt-Out (integrates an opt-out for Google Analytics in your website)
  • Really Simple SSL (helps migrating a WordPress websites from http to https)
  • Remove Comment IPs (IP adresses of commentators are deleted after 60 days)
  • Remove Google Fonts References (removes Google Fonts from source code)
  • Remove IP (prevents IP addresses of commentators from being stored in the WordPress database)
  • Shariff Wrapper (GDPR compliant social sharing plugin)
  • smart User Slug Hider (replaces user names in URLs automatically with 16 digit codes)